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Meditech Dental Unit model MID-638BAgate

- Automatic thermostatic rinsing water supply: 1set,

- Automatic spittoon flush and cup filler: 1set,

- Built-in tap (running) water & air purifying: 1set,

- Mute motor controlled chair (self tilting & safety protection): 1set,

- Electric chair control (3 programmable position memories): 1set,

- Rotatable toughened ceramic spittoon: 1set,

- Saliva ejector (strong, weak): 1pc each,

- Adjustable big operation light with sensor (high, low intensity): 1set,

- Adjustable articulated headrest: 1set,

- 3-way syringe (hot/cold water): 1pc each,

- LED film viewer: 1set,

- Multifunctional foot controller: 1set,

- Built-out air pressurized pure water bottle: 1set,

- Stool: 1set,