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Consumables for Medical Use
Ultrasound Jelly
High quality safe probe Utrasound Jelly Transperent aqua color, None resistance, Non corrosive, water base Jelly available in 5 Litre Jar and 250 ml bottle pack.
E.C.G. Jelly
Fulley transperent Premium quality E.C.G. Gel non etching water base formula, enhance signal conduction.
Available in 5 litre Jar pack and 250 ML Bottle.
E.C.G. Electrode
E.C.G. Paper Roll
Consumables for Physiotherapy/Slimming and Beauty Use
Physiotherapy Ultrasound Gel
Physiotherapy wax
Disposable Hand grip exerciser (Plastic)
Weight cuff .5 Kg to 5 Kg.
Electrode for TENS
Electrode for IFT
Conductive Electrodes for Body shaper
Cable for TENS
Cable for Slimmer
Fasting Belt
Galvanic Handles
Glass electrodes for High Frequency Therapy Unit
Glass Cups for Vaccum