Omron HBF 375

Meditech Body Composition Analyzer model OMRON HBF 375



Full Body Sensing Technology for a more accurate and precise body composition analysis

Easy-to-read display

Memory for 4 sets of personal data

Past results data memory of 1, 7, 30 & 90 days ago


Check your body composition:


Visceral fat level analysis


Measures your body fat percentage, body weight (in 100g increment)


Body fat percentage assessment


Displays skeletal muscle % and subcutaneous fat %


Calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI)


Indicates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)


Comparison Guide for Subcutaneous Fat and Skeletal Muscle % of Whole Body, Trunk, Legs and Arms


Body Age display

Comparison Guide for Subcutaneous fat and Skeletal muscle levels

The Comparison Guide function can display the subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle levels for different areas of the body (Whole Body, Trunk, Legs and Arms) and indicates how they compare with the average data for the same physique, age, and gender. This allows you to check your body composition and that you are achieving the desired proportions.

Skeletal Muscle Percentage
(average value for all ages)

What is Body Age

Body Age Indication is based on one's resting metabolism and is used as a guide to one's metabolic age.

To know one's Body Age is useful to improve one's wellbeing.