Meditech MI-62 Ultrasonic Heightometer

Meditech MI-62 Ultrasonic Device  for Automatic measurement of Human Height works on Radar Principal using ultrasonic wave for measuring Height of a person with high accuracy, This can work individually or can be attached with Body element Analyzer MI-65 for automatically measuring and feeding height to the unit for further process.This product adopts the reflection principle of ultrasonic wave so that it can measure the body height accurately, mainly applied in hospital, school, fitness centre, beauty parlor, physical examination centre.It is a high-end product for the measurement of height.

Automated height test, LED display
Boot automatically cleared.
Maximum test speed of 300 persons per hour.
Automatic zero-calibration function
RJ-45 interface to facilitate connection with the Body Composition Analyzer
Technical Parameters:
Diamentions of instrument: 270cm* 30cm*65cm
Diamentions of package: 128cm*69cm*62cm
Net weight: 35 kg
Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Measurement range: 90-200cm
Accuracy: 0.1cm
Frequency of ultrasonic: 40Khz
Work environment: -15°C-40°C Humidity: <90%
Operating Power : AC100~240 50-60Hz