Meditech Body Composition Analyzer Model MI-109

Meditech Human Body Composition Analyzer Model MI-109 is economic solution for body parameter diagnosis, very use full for Home or clinical use , Beautiful ergonomic design and durable product.

Product Description
Features & Display:
1. Weight range: 100gm -150Kg
2. Body water percentage: 0.1% unit
Index of visceral fat: 0.1unit
Skeletal muscle ratio: 0.1 unita
BMI: 0,1 units
Result classification: lower/low/Standard/High/Higher
Data applications:
1. Detect results storage: each bar one group/day
2. Each user database can store data: 180 days to see
3. The historical time-points for comparison: 1, 3,15,30,90,180 days
4. Automatic calculation of body weight and the difference between results and history data.

Personal Information Settings:
1. Number of entries: 4 ages: 9 to 80 years old, 1year unit
2. Gender: Male/Female
3. Height: 100.00cm-210.00cm, 0.5cm unit
Weight accuracy: Relative error of less than 1%
Display screen: 51mm×51mm LCD
Power Supply: 4 AA batteries (Manganese batteries or alkaline batteries)
Constant current measurements: 0.5mA, 50 KHz
Life of Battery: About 6 months(AA manganese dry batteries, at room temperature 25 degrees, measurement 4-6 times per day)
Dimension: Footboard: 370mm width* 350mm length *43mm height
Controller: 82mm length * 128mm width * 23mm thick
Spring cable up to 1800mm Net weight: around 2480g