Meditech Body Composition Analyser model MI 105

Meditech Body Composition Analyzer model MI 105/510
The Meditech MI-105 Body Composition Analyzer allows you to check the following Parameters:
Body fat percentage
Lean body weight
Total Body water
Bio electrical impedance
Fat loss without the risk of losing muscle
Effect of weight loss program
Target recommendations
Peak performance by monitoring and controlling Body fat
Body fat changes associated with certain diseases.
Assessing changes in body compositioin associated with ageing,
malnutrition and certain diseases
Growth development and age related changes in children,
adolescents and identifying those most at risk because of under or over weight condition.
"Mysterious" weight gain or loss associated with periodic bloating or
Body fat weight
Basal metabolic rate
Body mass index                                                                                                                                                                                               Download Brochure