Fat and water scale

Body Fat percentage/ Water /Weight Scale model MIH 031
Meditech Fat water scale very usefull for monitoring essential parameters which are root cause of most major illness over weight. under weight conditions, High/low Blood pressure, Diebetes, exima, skin sickness, hair loss and other life style desease.



    Equipped with 4 Highly Precise Strain Gauge sensor system

    8mm tempered safety Glass Platform

    Weight capacity 150kg(330lbs/24 stones)

    Weight Graduation: 100 gm

    Fat Graduation: 0.5%

    Age 10-80 yrs old

    Memory for 10 users

    1.0" LCD Display              

    Auto Zero-Auto off

    Indication: Low Battery, over load

    Power Source: 2 x miniature Battery CR 2032


Meditech Digital Weight Scale model MIH 030
Meditech Digital Weight scale beautyful design glass top.

Beautifull Looks, Toufened Glass Top.

Capacity Upto 150 Kg with 100gm gradient.

Auto Power Off to save power

Power Source miniature Battery CR 2032