Body composition analyzer Model Meditech MI 65

Human Body Element Analyzer Model MI-65

Meditech MI-65 Human-body Elements Analysis Instrument applies multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance test Principle, using 8 points touching the electrode method to test impedance and composition of the elements in all parts of the human body, including the health situation analysis (including: weight, protein, fat, water, a bio-salt, waist-hip ratio etc.) It provide scientific data for weight control, diet, slimming, muscle training, nutrition balance and diagnosis of diseases and etc. The instrument has the functions of body composition analysis, muscle-fat analysis, obesity analysis and health assessment. Widely used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, aerobics and slimming centers, sports and fitness clubs and other fields.



Touch Screen Display

Foot and Hand electrodes,

Patient id with record memory

A4 size print facility.

SF memory Card for data transportation.

Measurement Parameters:

Water content: Sum of intracellular and extra cellular fluid.

Protein: Mostly stock in the muscle cells, is the reflection of the nutrition status.

Inorganic salt.

Weight of the bones.

Body fat: Sum of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and muscle fat. Weight: Total weight of the body .

Fat-free weight: Make up by water contain, protein and a bio-salt . Obesity Analysis: Body Mass Parameters(BMI)) cannot evaluate the Conner's obesity information fully. Adding two parameters (body fat percent rate and waist-hip fat ratio, can make the evaluation more accurate and effective.


Technical Specifications:

Age: 10-99 years Height: 90-230 cm

Weight: upto 200 Kg.

Measurement methods: Bio-Impedance Analysis. Power: 100-240V /50 Hz AC mains.

Power Consumption: 53W

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